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  • Movement created a new topic Who is Better? Messi, Maradona and CR in the forum.
    Who is stronger, Messi or Maradona? This question should be answered by Argentine. Maradona is the god in the heart of Argentine while Messi had been criticized for his poor performance in Argentine national team. However, according to a latest online research, among 95,000 interviewees, 56% Argentine fans think Messi performs better than Maradona. There are only 44% interviewees supporting Maradona at the same time. Before winning the World Cup, Messi has won his Argentine support.
    Since Messi, CR and Xavier were engaged in the last three candidates of 2011 FIFA Ballon d’Or, Messi and CR have been taken out for comparison. Emmanuel Petit showed more support for CR. He said, “In my opinion, all of them deserve of the award. Xavier has redefined what a midfield organizer should be. He led football to make a big step forward. He has great gift. Messi made Barcelona amazing. I choose CR and god knows how much I like the two Barcelona players. Real Madrid is not better than Barcelona as a whole but CR is impressive. After becoming the king of England, CR accepted the new challenge without any hesitation, that is, to join Real Madrid. He has got all duties and his heading is better than Messi. ”
    Which player do you favor? Get a quality soccer jersey to show your enthusiastic support for your idols. Soccerjerseyreplica.com offers you the most choices. For New Year’s coming, it is releasing alluring promotions and you should not miss this opportunity.
    kunena.post 2250 days ago
  • Tevez or Maxi-Lopez? Once people thought that the answer has been unveiled, but now it seems that AC Milan is still not make a final choice from two Argentina strikes. Maxi-Lopez ‘s performance last night seemed to show that he's bound to join AC Milan, but Adriano Galliani also assured fans that at last weekend: "we will do everything possible and impossible to sign Tevez. ”

    The introduction of the aid during the winter on AC Milan, Adriano Galliani has already said very clearly,AC Milan will find a substitutes for injured Antonio Cassano, which is a striker. Preferred are Tevez. If Tevez could not come, then AC Milan sign Catania striker Maxi-Lopez and Red-Black Legion 军团 and the Catania Club has reached a certain degree of agreement, that is leased Maxi-Lopez for half a year. Now with the transfers of Tevez became increasingly complex, Maxi-Lopez joined Milan likely constantly on the rise, and yesterday in Catania against to Sicilian Derby., Maxi-Lopez 's performance but also feels he is already half of the AC Milan man.

    In this game, Maxi-Lopez created and personally fined into the grain of the penalty kick, help lock victory Catania. Montella then replaced,.When Argentina striker leave, house fans rose to applaud, Maxi-Lopez to tears with excitement, and subsequently with bench every players, coaches and Club staff affectionately hug. In Italian media just think this is undoubtedly Maxi-López is saying goodbye to Catania. However, Maxi-Lopez himself later said in an interview, the goal for the Club and the fans are very important, and also happens to be his son's birthday, meaning great, just wanted to share with the joy with everyone.

    Maxi-López and Catania care that may be AC Milan are still without exit scramble Tevez. While Manchester City are still stressed that never let Tevez, Galliani once again over the weekend acknowledged: "now Manchester City do not accept our terms, if they can change their mind is good, otherwise, Tevez can't come. We will meet again with Manchester City and efforts by January 31 to convince them. "Berlusconi's problems when they talk about Tevez, says:" Tevez is a great player and if he can come, we all welcomed him, but he is not essential, after all, Hiboult, Alexandre Pato, Robinho was world-class. "But these are just bargaining idiomatic expression. Milan hopes to grasp the initiative in the negotiations. But AC Milan at the weekend and celebrated Christmas in advance with the fans, Galliani himself to the fans at that time promised: "we will try every means to sign Tevez! " Galliani seldom make such an assurance.

    But if Manchester City sticks to the idea, from the economic point of view, due to 1.5 million euros in costs, renting Maxi-Lopez for half a year is also likely, after all, Maxi-Lopez is a sentiment and the strength of both good players. This is just the viewpoint of camisetafutbolbaratas but what’s your guess?
    kunena.post 2258 days ago
  • Movement created a new topic A Precious Birthday Gift in the forum.
    “Happy birthday! Thomas.” His parents jumped out from behind of doors with a cake, laughing happily. He felt like owning the greatest happiness in the world at the time …
    Opening eyes, he found himself lying on bed lonely. The room was silent as usual. Every year when his birthday’s coming, he had the same dream. Once he owned the happiest family in the world, but his mother’s death five years ago ended it. Since then his father only concentrated on work and he was left like an orphan. He had been alone on birthday these five years. It would be probably the same this year.
    Suddenly, his door was opened. He had to close his eyes for the dazzling light. “Dad?” He wondered, “Why? You should have been in office this moment.” “Happy birthday! Thomas.” His father walked slowly with hands back from the door. He watched his father in surprise. “Thomas,” his father continued, “I’m sorry I’ve neglected you for these years. I just heard about your situation and I know I should do something now. Here, your birthday gift.” His father took out a soccer jersey from back. “I heard that you are indulged in playing soccer recently. I suppose you would need this.” “Bravo!”He jumped from the bed excitedly. He got the jersey and exclaimed, “What a good soccer jersey! I’ve dreamt of it for a long time. Where did you buy it? Dad.” “Ha-ha,” His father laughed, “I brought it from soccerjerseyreplica.com. It is a reliable and professional soccer jersey replica supplier from China. It is said that there are alluring promotions during Christmas. If you like it, I will buy more jerseys from it. The more I buy the better discount I can get.” “Why don’t we introduce it to friends and get more discounts? By the way, thank you, Dad. I Love you.”
    kunena.post 2270 days ago


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