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People have in the past judged a clubs success in the transfer window by how many players they’ve brought in, but in austere times it appears that success can also come in the form of holding on to your current crop of stars. Newcastle are one such example of a team who failed to make any serious forays into the transfer market, but count themselves lucky to have kept the likes of Ben Arfa, Ba, Cisse, Cabaye, Krul and Tiote. There’s probably upwards of £60million worth of talent in that list and Pardew would certainly struggle to replace any of those players with stars of equal calibre.
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Is there any reason why Howard Webb should ever referee a game for Manchester United let alone at Old Trafford?  He is known to be a lifelong fan of ManU, which then makes me question the FA on how they can appoint him to ref such a clash yesterday at Old Trafford. Liverpool versus Manchester Untied matches are renowned for intense games since these two teams have probably one of the biggest rivalries in football today. 

Webb and Fergie must have sat up all night drinking Fergie’s wine thinking about how they could ruin the return of Kenny Dalglish at Old Trafford.  Berbatov was also included in this meeting but since his English is poor, he only got the gist of it and not the details.  Who knew it would be so early on in the game that his master plan would be put to test, but it worked out perfectly with the icing on the cake arriving a few minutes later with the sending off of Gerrard.  Let’s take a closer look at how this plan was devised.

It wasn’t long after kickoff that this injustice was viewed by millions of people all over the world.  One minute into the game a ball is sent forward to Berbatov and Agger was beaten by Berbatov for position in the box.  Agger tries to deflect the ball from the left side of Berbatov and slightly grazes Berbatov’s left leg.  When I say graze, I literally mean graze.  This powerful graze (according to Berbatov and Webb) signaled Berbatov to fall like he was hit by a Mack truck.  I believe he was still a bit tipsy from the night before since it took him about 15 seconds to realize he had been hit.  Berbatov’s dive didn’t even look good if you can say a dive looks good.  After he was grazed by Agger, Berbatov took two steps then decided to dive in slow motion.  What’s even worse is Webb was about 20 yards away from the dive but was fortunate enough to wink at his assistant to signal “cha-ching”.

If that wasn’t enough damage, Webb decided to thrust the knife a little deeper into Liverpool’s supporter’s hearts, Dalglish’s return and more “cha-ching” into his pocket.   About 30 minutes after that spectacular dive, Raul Meireles goes for the ball against Fabio.  Fabio decides to go in two-footed and wins possession.  This incident Webb was standing right next and did not even blow for a foul.  About 30 seconds later Gerrard does the same two footed tackle, which wasn’t even over the top but side by side with Carrick and Webb doesn’t even hesitate to give Gerrard a red card.  As Dalglish described the penalty “a joke” so was this decision to give a red card.

Howard Webb you should be ashamed of how you have represented your fellow referee’s in England yesterday.  You of all people were just awarded the MBE in football.  Was that also sponsored by Manchester United?

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