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I want to reveal the reason why I nicknamed my website Goal Fanatic. The main reason was that I wanted people to remember an easy domain name they could tell their friends. I think GoalFanatic.com would be easy enough for everybody to tell their friends! Certainly shorter than Forum-For-Football.com. The second reason is that I love football and to me the Goal is the climax of the soccer game. Every time a goal is scored there is some fanatic that is screaming their lungs out celebrating! So there is it is. Goal Fanatic.

In the Goal Fanatic community everything you do makes you earn goals (points). The more you interact with the website the more you will earn goals!!

Furthermore, I just created a series of Badges (banners) that you could use to post in your blogs, websites and profiles around the web! Each banner has a special code that tracks how many fanatics have signed up to Goal Fanatic using your badges. Each registration made through your badge will make you earn goals. Later on I'll give out prices based on participation (Goals). I'll be working on making better looking Badges. If you guys have any suggestions or questions please let me know! To keep a track on your goal performance you can look at the home page under "Top Members". Also on your profile is referenced as "Goals Scored".

Have a great weekend! and long live soccer.football.futebol!

Last Updated on Saturday, 17 April 2010 16:37